What is Magic Mushroom Tea?

Magic mushroom tea. You can make tea out of anything these days. Mushrooms are no exception. These magical fungi can help increase alertness and provide mental relaxation. shroom tea is popular in Russia and Baltic countries where it is used to treat digestive problems, heart disease, and cancer.

Reishi mushroom tea

Scientific research on these magic mushrooms is still ongoing. However, mushrooms are widely revered in traditional societies and staples at health food stores.

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There are several different mushrooms that can be used to brew psychedelic shroom tea. In this guide, we’ll break down the main types used to brew mushroom tea. Follow our handy mushroom tea recipes or add your own spin to enjoy this unique, healthy tea.

How to make magic mushroom tea

By now you’ve probably already tried one of our weed tea recipes for a new way to consume your favorite cannabis strains. Now that psychedelics are well on their way to becoming mainstream, and as more and more states and local municipalities have decriminalized them, shroom tea has also entered the mix.

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