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Is it Safe to Mix Alcohol with Psilocybin?

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Psychedelics for sale online answered on this page: Over the last twenty years, discussion about psychedelics (including psilocybin) has become increasingly more normalized, in both medical research and in day-to-day life. When coupled with shifting societal standards and small-scale pushes towards legalization, people have become more curious about the role psilocybin could play in their […]

Top 10 Magic Mushroom Hikes in Vancouver

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Introduction Mushroom tea for sale, We all know that hiking & magic mushrooms go together like peanut butter and jelly; those Canadians who live in and around Vancouver are especially blessed with some of the most amazing, gorgeous, and secluded hikes in super close proximity to the city! We’ve selected hikes in Vancouver proper as […]

How to Make Mushroom Tea (It’s Easier Than You Think)

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Magic mushroom tea for sale, You can make tea out of anything these days. Mushrooms are no exception. These magical fungi can help increase alertness and provide mental relaxation. Mushroom tea is popular in Russia and Baltic countries where it is used to treat digestive problems, heart disease, and cancer. Scientific research on these magic […]

Ibogaine Side Effects

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Ibogaine Side Effects Ibogaine for sale near me has unique characteristics as a drug, and its effects are very hard to explain to patients who have not experienced it. There are a number of side effects that are common to Ibogaine treatment. As far as Ibogaine treatments are concerned, anecdotal evidence is much more readily […]