20 Quick Tips to Boost your Creativity


Magic mushrooms for sale USA, In life, we are constantly being tested in different ways to see what our limits and capabilities truly are. Creativity is no different: it is a gift that not everyone possesses and the only way to strengthen this gift is through constant diligence and practice. All that being said, we all sometimes feel stuck – I know I do!

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of some simple things anyone can do to boost their creativity. If you’re looking for a way to get past your writer’s/artist’s/musician’s/whatever-you-like’s block, then this tip might help! So, here you have: 20 ways to boost your creativity!

The List

1) Practice every day – the only way to get better is by making mistakes, and there is no easier way than by practicing. It may not be perfect, but you will find out exactly where your weak spots are!

2) Listen to new types of music – explore the depths of different genres and see what moves you. If it doesn’t move you – don’t keep listening to it! It’s important to keep your mind fresh and new ideas flowing.

3) Keep a notebook on you at all times – there is nothing more frustrating than when you get an incredible idea, but then forget about it minutes later. Make sure that never happens again by keeping a small notebook with you wherever you go. You can even record audio – just be sure to back it up!

4) Be willing to fail – don’t be afraid of being wrong. In fact, if you never fail, you will NEVER get anywhere. Without failure, there is no success. Remember that and embrace it.

5) Take a break every now and then – creativity comes from the world around us and new ideas can come from anywhere.

6) Look at things differently – see the positive in every experience, even if it is extremely difficult to find. It is a good way to get out of a rut and provoke the creative juices going.

7) Go outside – being active in your daily life has a direct link to your creativity, as well as preventing you from becoming dreary and boring. There is no better way to get new inspiration than by coming in contact with different types of people and life styles.

8) Be social – it’s not about the quantity of friends you have, but rather the quality. It’s important to find people who will understand your creativity, who you can bounce ideas off of, and who will help you grow. This may take some time – but it’s well worth it!

9) Take a walk every now and then – again, creativity comes from the world around us. So occasionally disconnecting to let your mind absorb everything is an excellent way to come up with fantastic ideas and unique solutions.

10) Enjoy yourself – this one seems painfully obvious, but it’s lost on some people! Creativity is meant to be fun, not laborious. If you don’t enjoy the process of creation – you will never enjoy the end result.

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12) Remember that ideas are everywhere – don’t just stop at the first idea you have. There are plenty more where that one came from, so stay positive and keep trying!

13) Be open to everything – let new ideas flow freely into your mind without hesitation. If you feel yourself closing off to an idea, simply push yourself to think about it for longer. It will become easier the more you try!

14) Remember that you are not always right – if someone else’s idea is better than yours, go with it. You can improve on it and make something even more amazing! Nothing will kill your creativity faster than thinking you are the best there ever was.

15) Get to know people – this one may be difficult for some people who are more introverted, but it is extremely important to get out there and meet new people. Most likely, they will be more than happy to share their ideas with you – after all, isn’t that what friends are for?

16) Be selfless – forget about yourself for once. Think about the needs of others and how your creativity could help them in some way. If you are at a loss for ideas, just ask someone close to you if they need any help – they may surprise you.

17) Have fun – sometimes the best ideas come when we least expect it. So don’t feel bad if something pops into your head while watching television or playing video games! It’s normal and it’s okay!

18) Stay true to yourself – while you should be open to other people’s ideas, you should never change your goals and dreams. Keep trying to achieve them through your creativity.

19) Surround yourself with the right people – the people in our lives have a major impact on who we are. Make sure you are surrounded by people who will support your creativity and talents, not tear them down.

20) Think outside the box – this is hands down the best way to boost your creativity, but it’s also the most difficult. Tearing down all of your old barriers can be an excruciatingly hard process, but it will push you to new